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The abyss

is alive

alone with myself
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"I think, therefore I am..."

Sometimes when things seem to be at their worst

The only person you can really talk to

About anything

Is yourself...

This is a community for creative writers who wish to post conversations, narratives, poetry, play excerpts, essays, song lyrics or artwork having to do with thier own unique and twisted minds.

Perhaps even you can be surprised at what you might discover...


1. Post anything you like, and please try to keep an open mind about what other people write. Discussion is encouraged, but angry violent flames will be deleted, as will any posts of a similar nature. We're here to share our artwork, not to hurt each other.

2. LJ-cuts are nice if you have a really long entry, or a really huge picture, just to be polite about other people's friend pages and journal layouts.

3. Narratives, poetry, dialouges, snippets from a play, any way that you wish to express yourself as far as your voices and your imagination is encouraged. Visual art is awesome...so are song lyrics...

4. Try to keep away from the typical "My day went so and so and so..." That's what your main journal is for, darlings.

5. Absolutley NO COMMUNITY WHORING. If you make any kind of entry of that nature, it will be deleted, no warnings, no questions. This is the only thing I really get annoyed at, especially in this kind of community. That's what community_promo and community_quest are for, darlings.

6. Enjoy,my split and twisted little friends...

Dont be afraid to step into the void